Adult Tennis Coaching

 Our adult group coaching programme has something for all ages and abilities. It is also perfect for any juniors who want to carry on their progression through the tennis programme. 

Adult Sessions are in groups of up to 12 players and are set up to improve a player’s technical side of the game and match play for both singles and doubles. The session’s are also great cardio workout, as well as a brilliant way of meeting new people!

We have sessions linked to standard please check the level guide below.



1. Beginner

This means you’ve never played, just started playing, haven’t picked up a racket for years or are still working on the basics of your game.


2. Improver

You know the basic techniques and are able to keep a rally going, however you still make quite a few mistakes, and you may find serving difficult.


3. Intermediate

You play fairly regularly, and your technique is solid. You use some tactical play but struggle a little when putting together points against advanced players.


4. Advanced

You have played a lot of tennis over many years. Serving with spin, placement and power are part of your game. You can rally consistently and create opportunities to win points off both your forehand and backhand. You compete regularly or have the desire to do so.