Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the questions we are asked regularly. If the answer to your question is not found below, then please feel free to contact us.

Q - How do I book tennis lessons?
A – To go to our online booking system click here.
Q - How much do lessons cost?

A – Junior lessons are run as a course during term times and cost £9 per 60 mins for non-members and £8 per 60 mins for members.

For example, if you were joining you child into a 6-week course it would cost either £54 for non-members or £48 for members.


Adult lessons are £11 per 75 mins for non-members and £10 per 75 mins for members.

Q - Do I need to be a member to have lessons?

A – No but members do receive a slightly lower price. However, as you progress memberships an important part of the learning process (practice makes perfect).

You will only receive discount on lessons at the venue you are a member of.

Q - How do I join as a member?

A – Please go to your venue’s website to join.

Oakwood Tennis Club click here.

Swanley Community Tennis click here.

Q - What are class sizes?

A – Junior classes vary between 4 and 8 during term time. Adult classes vary between 8 and 12.

Q - What do the group lessons consist of?

A – Each lesson will consist of a warmup, learning and some play. Beginner lessons will concentrate on the four main shots (forehand, backhand, serve & volley).

Q - Do I need my own equipment?

A – No. We supply all the equipment if necessary.

Q - Can I get advice on what equipment is best to buy for myself or my child?

A – Yes and we have a pro shop for all your needs.

Q - Do you restring rackets?

A – Yes, a full restringing service is available. Our coaches can give you advice on the right type of string and string tension that would suit your needs. We also can offer replacement bumper guards and regripping.

Q - What happens if the weather is bad?

A – Assume all lessons are running unless you have been contacted by text. We check the weather regularly and decide whether to cancel or not 30 minutes before the class is due to start.

Q - If a lesson is cancelled will I get a refund or credit?

A – There are no refunds but a credit will be applied to your Clubspark account.

Q - What happens if I or my child can’t attend a lesson that has been booked in advance?

A – Junior lessons are run as courses so if a child can’t attend a lesson for any reason, you will lose that session.


Junior holiday camps can be moved 7 days before the start date.


Adult lessons are run on an ad-hoc basis. However, we can only move the session if we have been given 7 days’ notice about being unable to attend, otherwise you will lose the session.

Q - Are private 1 to 1 lessons available?

A – Yes, it’s the fastest way to learn and done at a time to suit you. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Q - I or my child have never played before, are there lessons suitable?

A – Yes our level 1 beginner lessons are suitable for players who have never played before. If you are unsure contact our office as we can advise whether you would be better suited to a level 2 improver lessons.

Q - I have played in the past and I am an intermediate - advanced player. Is there anything for me?

A – Yes we run level 3 intermediate lessons and level 4 advanced lessons. Call the office if you are unsure what level you are.

Q - What is the youngest my child can start playing tennis?

A – We start children at 4 years of age.

Q - How do I know what level myself or my child is?

A – There is a simple guide on our booking page. If after looking at this you are still unsure, please ask our office.

Q - What happens during school holiday times?

A – We run holiday camps during the school holidays throughout the year which can be booked by clicking here.

Q - How will I know if myself or my child needs to move to the next level/group?

A – Junior tennis is generally age led but if a coach believes the player will be better suited to a higher level class, they will recommend what to do next.


Adults tennis is generally led by the coach.

Q - Can I do tennis as part of the Duke Of Edinburgh Award?

A – Yes, please contact us directly regarding this.

Q - Do you have floodlit tennis?

A – Yes all our sites have floodlit courts.

Q - Are there toilets on site?

A – Yes.